Getting started

Welcome to a new world where it seems that nothing can be taken for granted anymore and where you have to organize your finances by yourself if you want to have a secure and trouble- free lifestyle in your senior years.

The two biggest and most important questions people have:

1. How can I be sure that I have enough money for the rest of my life?
2. When can I retire?

In the past, for most people, these were not big issues as the government provided a decent old age pension and, for those who had been working, the employer often provided a fixed monthly pension for the rest of a former employee’s life.

But nowadays, many governments around the world are under financial pressure and cutbacks mean that an increasing number of people with a small pension or social security payment are falling below the poverty line.

In order to be able to live through the golden years with peace of mind, many employees set aside a part of their salary during their working years in a pension plan organized by their employer. This was once often a fixed amount paid into the plan every month, but this has changed and now the amount paid out in pension payments is more dependent on the development of the economy and the state of the financial markets.

The uncertainty generated by this shift has made it difficult to make predictions about income streams and what kind of life people will be able to afford during retirement. The result is that much more responsibility has been handed over to the individual to secure a safe income stream. It is a heavy burden to put on an individual with limited time and interest in this area. I have created this page to give you information to help you find an easy and acceptable solution to your pension problems.

I have organized the information into three easy steps that you need to take in order to get your situation under control.

The three steps are:

1. SECURE your money
2. SAVE – find an easy way to let your money grow
3. SPEND in a way to ensure you don’t outlive your money

When I started this project, I found to my surprise that the most difficult step is number three, How to spend the money. The reasons for this is that you have to know approximately how long you will live and how much money you will have when you stop work. Luckily, there are solutions for this.

After you have read these three steps, I hope you have a better understanding of how you can find easy solutions to allow you to look forward to enjoying the rest of your life.

Don’t forget to read the Q&A for more information.

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